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This picture book records how the author and his family met Tiger the cat and their wonderful time living together. It is all completed by the author from design, illustrations to content. The illustrations are painted in watercolor and to express the close bonding between the family and Tiger. The layout uses more white space to show the simple beauty of rural life. The author hopes everyone can treat their fur friends as family members and takes good care of them.


    Author | Keith Chun @ flip & roll
    Text | Keith Chun @ flip & roll
    Design | Keith Chun @ flip & roll
    Publishing & Printing | flip & roll
ISBN 978-988-76803-1-4

    Size | 210Wmm x 240Hmm
    Pages | 56
    Colour |  4C
    Printing | Offset
    Paper | Jacket: Graffitti Touch 300gsm @polytrade /Cover: Graffitti Touch 150gsm @polytrade / Inside: Graffitti Touch 120gsm @polytrade 

    Binding | OTA-Binding

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