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Risograph, also called fast print, is a stencil digital duplicator, designed principally for high speed and volume printing. It is to create a thermographic master screen by the thermal heads within the duplicator, which burns perforations in the blank stencil. Next, it automatically wraps around the rotating drum, pushes ink through the perforations in the screen and prints the master image onto the paper.


Spot color printing

Risograph’s color scheme is close to Pantone’s, for example both of them have vibrant and vivid colors like fluorescent pink and gold. The inks we are using are from RISO Kagaku corporation, they provide more than 70 colors.

Different perception of aesthetic

Matches of coased halftone dots and uneven inking of the Risograph artifact createhandcraft texture and show the aesthetic of nostalgia.

Paper fiber separates after absorbing ink, this changes the size of the paper slightly, and the process of manual feed load paper increase the opportunities of master screen dislocation.

RISO ink is mainly formed by rice bran oil and without dry solution, which is relatively less hazardous and more environmentally friendly. Therefore the image needs more drying time, also may wear off.

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