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A picture book for grown-ups, it depicts the author’s memories of her childhood home and scenes from her commute to school.

Artist Info

Feng Yu
Born in Shanghai, raised in the UK, and now resides in Hong Kong, Yudeveloped a passion for Art since a young age, influenced by her Art-teacher father. Graduated from Warwick University in 2007 with a degreein Maths and Economics, she moved to Hong Kong in 2010, and became afull-Lme arLst in 2018. Her primary subject maNer is city landscape. InSeptember 2022, she held her first solo exhibiLon at ACO Books. InAugust 2022, her first book was published on illustraLons of Shanghai,her hometown. This was the first of a series of three books, the secondand third to be about Hong Kong and the UK.


    Author | Feng Yu

    Editor | @koel.chu 

    Design & Production | flipandroll
    Size | 225Wmm x 185Hmm
    Pages | 66
    Printing | Risograph & offset
    Paper | inside_Antalis @olin_paper Olin Rough 120gsm, jacket_Keaykolour Particles Moonlight100% Recycled 170gsm, 梨花箋 半切

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